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Editorial Independence

This website is respectfully dedicated to the memory of RG Moulton, David Boddington, Eddie Keil, Vic Smeed, Phil Smith, the Enya Brothers, Leroy M Cox, and Shigeo Ogawa. The living aeromodelling heros who continue to inspire this site are too many to list. The site is designed as an all-purpose multi-media resource for the keen traditional modeller. Think of it as is a 24/7 on-line databank with added entertainment. Here you will find photos, videos, downloadable pdf documents, workshop charts, plans, and other multi-media information. Click the top blue buttons to explore the goodies.

This Site

Alex's photos regularly appear in the UK and US aeromodelling press. If you who have seen a photo that you wish to buy Click the Photo tab above. For contractual reasons, magazine photos may not appear on this site, or our linked Shedpix photo site, until some time after publication.

Magazine Photos

This site and its podcasts are put together by Alex Whittaker in his shed. This is situated on a windy hillside in North Wales in the United Kingdom, overlooking the Dee Estuary, The Wirral Peninsula, and the Irish Sea. The site is independent of special pleading, pressure groups, or commercial interests. We may be starving, but we can tell it like it is. We welcome your feedback. We respect the achievements of our overseas modelling colleagues, and encourage international contributions. To get in touch, click the email tab above, We may not have time to write back, and we have no secretarial support, but we will log your comments. Follow our daily doings on Alex's Road Blog, especially during the big UK modelling events.

The Site Manifesto

Everyone is welcome.Sports flying is a Good Thing.Shedliness is next to godliness.Running a home workshop is good for you.All good radio modellers are aeromodellers at heart.Traditional modelling skills are more rewarding than buy and fly.The people you meet in modelling are just as important as their models.ARTFs and plastic r/c toys may be here to stay, but "building it in balsa" is much better.

Since The Blonde Person owns the British Podcasting Corporation, its podcasts are second to none. Thus a Shedly Things Podcast has a duty to inform, educate and entertain, with the emphasis on fun. A Shedly Things Podcast is a unique listening experience. It is not a set of tired talking heads grouped around a microphone. We use the latest digital news gathering technologies to get out and about to attend shows, explore flying disciplines, search out new products, and interview interesting modellers. Click the Podcast tab above.

Think Balsa

Think Shed

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The Shedly Things Podcast Site

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