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Alex's Drop Box

If my magazine article mentions that I have posted something extra for you in my DropBox, you will find it here. Alternatively, to search all previous Drop Box items, simply Click "Drop Box Archive" below and search through the folders. Everything in Alex's DropBox is downloadable and free.

Goodies down the Pipe Direct To You

Thank you for the fantastic world-wide response to the site! The blog alone is running at over a thousand hits an entry. Here are replies to a few points you have raised:1. Jitterbug rigging angle is as per plan. ie Down Thrust Zero / Side Thrust Zero / Tail Zero (0-0-0) 2. As requested, a new aileron wing for Bushwhacker is being drawn up - watch this space.3. As requested, my next RCME plan really will be a "Tri-Capable" model: that is, el*ctric, glow, and/or control line! It is called Super Slinky, free plan in RCME in second half of 20124.Club .25 now launched soon in UK - looking at Scale. Pylon Racing, and 'sports" plans Models 

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